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  Karma is a good judge
of character and
you, my friend,
are screwed.

When Stead James, a full-of-himself bull rider, drew a bull named Dirt Nap in the finals, he hadn’t seen it as an omen. But when he wakes from a skull fracture two days later, he knows he needs to change. He studies a book on Zen, dubs his final year his, ‘apology tour’, and attempts to make amends. It isn’t going well, even before he meets Harper Taylor’s father. She has the temper to go with her red hair, but to Stead, she looks like an angel. He blurts an apology for taking her virginity, and again wakes in the dirt, thanks to her daddy’s fist. Turns out, he was ignorant of the one-night-stand; he was angry because Stead forgot a bull riding he was supposed to put on to benefit the Apache reservation outside El Paso.

Amends are a long and bumpy road—but if Stead really has changed, there could be an angel waiting at the end.

Cowboy Karma is a new novella and available for only $0.99!


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