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Where she belongs? 

Free spirit Priscilla Hart doesn’t get tied down, to anyone or any place. Then she arrives in Widow’s Grove and meets her half brother. The ten-year-old tough guy has no one else but her. So Priss stays—for now. 

But her sexy new landlord, Adam Preston, is interfering with her ideas. He’s everything Priss normally steers clear of—committed, stable and no rebellious urges in sight. As opposite as they are, each conversation, each touch, each kiss they share feels so right. Can a little gangster-wannabe, an irresistible “nice guy” and an odd assortment of new friends make Priss want to stay for good?

Romantic Times Review:


When Priscilla Hart travels to Widow’s Grove for her mother’s funeral, she meets her half brother, Ignacio. Unable to live with the guilt of leaving Ignacio to fend for himself, Priss rents an apartment in town, gets a job, and decides to raise her brother.Determined to continue her drifting ways once the school year is over, Priss soon finds that her landlord, pharmacist Adam Preston, makes her want to put down roots and stick around. Drake offers a sweet story and characters with lovely chemistry. Priss and Adam’s attraction to each other feels believable. Naco’s minor behavioral issues add some extra tension to the storyline.

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